Arch Linux 2018.10.01 is now available for download

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The Arch Linux project released today the October 2018 ISO snapshot for the Arch Linux operating system to offer users an up-to-date install medium incorporating all the latest security fixes.

Arch Linux 2018.10.01 arrived today as the most up-to-date ISO image of the popular GNU/Linux distribution used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It's powered by the Linux 4.18.9 kernel, though Linux kernel 4.18.10 is already in the stable repository, and the latest Linux 4.18.11 kernel is in the Testing one.

As expected, Arch Linux 2018.10.01 also includes all the latest software updates and security fixes that have been released via the main archives throughout September 2018. This means that you won't have to download hundreds of updates after installing Arch Linux on a new computer.

Only for new installations

Arch Linux is a rolling operating system that follows a so-called rolling release model where the user installs once and receives updates forever, or at least until he does something that breaks the installation and needs to reinstall. This is where the monthly ISO snapshots come into play.

In other words, the Arch Linux 2018.10.01 is here only for new installation, for those who want to reinstall or deploy the GNU/Linux distribution on new computers without downloading hundreds of updates after the installation, except for those that are released since the ISO snapshot was built.

So if you want to install Arch Linux, you can download the Arch Linux 2018.10.01 ISO image right now from the official website, which you can write to a USB stick or CD disc. Otherwise, existing Arch Linux users should update their installations by running the "sudo pacman -Syu" command on their favorite terminal emulator.

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