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Paradyse For Psychos icon Survive in an insane asylum full of monsters and evil clowns by shooting them down

Simple horror games have their purpose as well, because you don’t always want to traumatize yourself with a psychological story that may leave some scars on your mind. However, they at least have to be enjoyable if they are not scary, otherwise they serve no purpose at all. Hence, a horror FPS must feature entertaining gameplay mechanics to keep you playing.

Explore an abandoned asylum full of zombies

Paradyse For Psychos is a first-person shooter with horror elements, in which you find yourself having to survive in the middle of a creepy asylum. It’s obvious from the first few minutes of gameplay that the developers did not try to make the atmosphere worthy of remembering, but the real problem is that the FPS mechanics are not very entertaining either.

Your task is to survive the random monster encounters for as long as you can, or at least until you can find the necessary keys to make it out of the asylum. Unfortunately, the asylum in question is quite small, and the level design is uninspired enough to make every room look the same. Thus, exploration is very annoying, although there aren’t as many rooms to begin with.

Laughable AI and oversimplified shooting mechanics

Every now and again you might run into an enemy, but you shouldn’t worry about getting hurt, because the monsters rarely acknowledge your presence. Sometimes they might charge at you, but most of the time they remain motionless, allowing you to shoot them as you please. This really breaks immersion and hurts the overall experience, because it feels like your only purpose is to search for keys.

As for the graphics, they are actually not as bad as you might expect, especially when it comes to textures. On the other hand, the textures might be pretty nice, but only a handful of them are plastered throughout the entire asylum. Everything looks the same, and the monster animations are even more hilarious. Not much can be said about the sound effects either, which is not a good thing in a wannabe horror game.

A crude experience with nothing to offer

All in all, Paradyse For Psychos has nothing you haven’t seen in other games, especially in regards to the gameplay mechanics and graphics. Thus, unless this is your first contact with a horror-FPS, there are other, much better games out there.

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Paradyse For Psychos was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Paradyse For Psychos 4.2

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